Um, Dear Diary 13.6.10

Sat outside with my kebab for a bit before putting it in my bag and going inside.
Various bellies to a man faced wall, one said he would ask me out if he was twenty years younger. Offensive- and he looked ten years older than me at the most.
The second man said "boo" so I said "BOO" while the third thought it would be funny to dance into the beeb beebs on my chest.
I thought it would be funny if they all got bleeding noses followed by medium strength seizures.
I then thought it would be way more trendy if I had eaten tofu soaked in candy slam colours-
then I would of totally barfed rainbow bean curd on their good time faces.
Nothing happened though, I'm learning how to ignore human sized hunks of shit.
It all looked a bit pre pash to post pash mortem so I walked home.
I built a glow in the dark lego crown and took thin thighs to the bath.
I pulled a hair out of my kebab then washed myself with caramel and butter,
I was having such a good time that I started huffing it out of the bottle.
To finish off I drank water out of the glass that the dog drinks from,
it's all good though because drinking something cold while submerged in warmth is so dreamy.
Then I got out of the bath and into my bed where I really wished there was someone to cuddle.

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