I'm wearing the smell of your skin
Last time I wore it like a sumo nappy
Now it's hanging on making sucking sounds and nastiness

There is no soap so I use shampoo under my arms
Looking down at my pregnant belly
I decide on bleach and a steelo because it's empty
I count the rings on the shower curtain and get out
Put the towel around me,
the one made from dead animals and carbon monoxide
I am ripe again
Hi, what are you doing?
Waiting for my hair to dry
Then what?
I will have another shower and wait for my hair to dry because I am boring

I have the television on with no aerial, just static
I watch it this way because I am mysterious
He is in love with her
I love drinking hot chocolate with a spoon

Inarticulation is giving me a pash rash
It broke my porcelain teeth
I push them into your bloodied tongue
With you this bed is bloated
I am the flow and the clot

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